Things to enjoy in Lucban Quezon Philippines

Published: 24th September 2009
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Are you planning to have a vacation, Philippines is still one of the best tropical countries in Asia to have some rest and recreation. Lucban in the Quezon province is a small town in the southeastern part of Manila roughly 150 miles in distance; it is situated just below Mt. Banahaw. Though this place has an estimated 285 days of rainy weather it's still a place worth visiting. Below are the things you can enjoy about the province:

a. Church of St. Louis, Bishop of Taulose - the original church was built in 1593 by the Franciscans but was ruined in 1629, a second church was built between 1730 and 1740 but was razed by fire in 1733, the church that is currently standing is built in 1738 but its interiors was finish in 1743. The church was partially damage in the second world war and according to history it was renovated and finished in 1966. The Church of St. Louise celebrated its 400th year in 1993.

b. Longanisang Lucban (Sausage from Lucban) - visiting Lucban Quezon is not complete without tasting this native sausage known as "Longanisang Lucban". This native sausage is usually homemade, giving almost every household to claim their sausage as the best one there is. Longanisang Lucban is usually made of ground port, oregano extract, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic.

c. Lucban Handicraft - one of the thriving products of Lucban is its hand woven handicraft. They do have different sorts of products like bags, baskets, slippers etc. a perfect treat to friends and love ones.

d. Lambanog - one of the native wines in the Philippines, almost each province have their own version and Lucban wouldn't be left behind. "Lambanog" is a wine handed down from generations of coconut farmers. Usually the process of producing Lambanog are collecting the sap from coconut flowers, then the sap is cooked and fermented producing "Tuba" and finally this "Tuba" is fermented to produce "Lambanog". Currently this "Lambanog" is being marketed in different flavors for commercial possibilities.

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